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Discover Lucrative Products to Market with the Help of Amazon Product Database

Product Database

Product research starts here

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Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned seller, quickly reveal profitable opportunities on Amazon with our advanced filters.

What is the Product Database?

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Product Database is a searchable catalog of 475 million products pulled directly from Amazon. Organize, explore, and evaluate product ideas.

Generate product ideas

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Generate ideas in seconds and start discovering products that match your specific search criteria. Sort by categories, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and more to quickly reveal profitable opportunities.

Uncover Amazon potential

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Narrow the search for a winning idea. Product Database points you toward promising opportunities, like products with high competition and low ratings or products with underperforming listings.

Factor in the fees

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Keep track of overhead costs and Amazon seller fees with Jungle Scout’s FBA Profit Calculator. Factor these calculations into your research so you can confidently invest in the right opportunity.

Do all of this and more with Jungle Scout

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Save filter presets

Create and save as many custom filter presets as you need.

Sync with Product Tracker

Automatically add products to the Product Tracker in groups.

Export results to .CSV

Conveniently export your search results to a spreadsheet.

Search global marketplaces

Easily search for products in other Amazon marketplaces.

Product ranking

View a product’s Amazon ranking to help make your choice.

Profit calculator

Handy calculator to help show you all your product related fees.

Start your product research with Jungle Scout

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