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What To Wear With A Brown Leather Jacket

When you think of brown leather jackets on stylish men, you often picture Hugh Jack man as Wolverine, Tom Cruise as Jack Richer, and even Brad Pitt as Fight Clubber. A brown leather jacket is a wardrobe staple for the strong man, the biker, the man who wears a Hawaiian shirt on his Indian motorcycle. Get the picture? Well, that’s all slowly changing.

Brands such as Saint Laurent, The Couples and Tom Ford regularly add Brown Leather Jackets and brown suede to their collections. If you’re not sure if a brown leather jacket is right for you, read on. If you have a brown leather jacket and are wondering what to wear with it, read on.

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Types of Brown Leather Jackets

• Leather bomber

• Leather biker jackets

• Leather racing jackets

• Brown leather jacket and jeans

• Brown leather jacket and T-shirt

• Brown leather jacket and shirt/tie

• Brown leather jacket and casual shirt

• Brown leather jacket and trousers/trousers

Types of Brown Leather Jackets.

Men are spoiled for choice when it comes to leather jackets. In modern wardrobes, there are a handful of reliable styles that are inspired by the vintage years and tailored to today’s needs. Think sleeker, tighter cuts rather than purely functional.

Here are the types of leather jackets you need to know about.

Leather jacket

Being the most comfortable jacket of the bunch, the leather bomber is defined by its collarless design and waist length. The jacket is often made of soft leather, which is softer to give it a more comfortable look. Contrast finishes are another feature you’ll often find on leather jackets that usually blend the waist and sleeve cuffs to create a slimmer fit and finish. Material details on bomber jackets are understandably minimal, so expect a front zipper and possibly a side kangaroo pocket or a patch pocket on the arm.

Leather biker jackets

Marlon Brando did it, and now you do too. The leather biker jacket is defined by wide lapels and a flared collar that can be closed for added security. The style is defined by metallic accessories (studs, caps and zips) and the front zip is usually asymmetrical, allowing the wider side to slip under its partner.

Leather racing jackets

The racing jacket is the most standard type inspired by the world of motorsport and motorcycle racing. Therefore, the silhouette is slim and worn close to the body. The binding is plain with a small collar that closes, or it can be collarless. With a direct zip, they’re not covered in plush fabric and have no cuffs or extra hardware to modify.

Brown leather jacket and jeans.

Opt for a brown leather jacket and a leather and jeans combination for an everyday outfit that’s full of character and personality. It’s almost impossible to go wrong except for one rule: skinny denim only. Once you’ve accepted this rule of thumb, you can pair your brown leather jacket with anything from indigo to faded jeans to black. The same goes for ripped or sluggish jeans. Beckham Brown is a classic example of a leather jacket crew, and you’ll often find it paired with black jeans when you’re out for a bike ride.

Brown leather jacket and T-shirt.

Brown leather jackets go especially well with t-shirts because of their elegance. There really are no limits when it comes to pairing a brown leather jacket with a t-shirt. Think band t-shirts, logo t-shirts and favorite colors like white, gray and blue. A striped shirt is perhaps more muted in color, as the style should be masculine. Have you ever seen a pink t-shirt paired with a brown jacket? Neither do we. Stick to proven t-shirts and you’ll be fine. V-neck and crew neck are the best, but you can also go for a seraph like Ryan Gosling did in Drive.

Brown leather jacket and shirt/tie.

A brown leather jacket can be worn in style if the occasion calls for it. By simply wearing it over a white shirt and tie, you can have a casual Friday option. During cooler seasons, be sure to layer with a sweater or cardigan. The only thing to consider here is to make sure that the jacket is not too long.

Brown leather jacket and casual shirt.

A casual button-up shirt is a winner in every man’s book, but pair it with a brown leather jacket and you’ve got a great retro vibe ready to go. Opt for patterned shirts – flannel works best here or solid colors are fine too. Just make sure there’s some contrast between the shirt and the jacket, because brown on brown isn’t exactly a flattering combination.

Brown leather jacket and pants/trousers.

Men are spoiled for choice when it comes to pairing socks with a brown leather jacket. For pants, choose gray, blue, or black, especially if they are tailored. For summer or warmer months, just switch colors to white jeans or chinos. Remember, keep things slim and fit and you’ll have a great smart-casual look that can take you from the trendy office to the bar with ease.

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